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I do activist things professionally and film things for fun. Currently the Southeast Regional Campus Organizer for Secular Student Alliance. I get paid a decent salary to travel all over the country helping secular students in college. It's basically the best job.

Fascinated by digital media and all things internet. Strong proponent of being part of the best generation and will rant often about how this is the greatest time to be alive.

Got me a nice shiny Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Currently finishing my second Bachelors, this time in Creative Writing while working on my Masters in Visual Arts.

I drive like a turtle and kiss all corgis.

I collect postcards and all other forms of physical letters. Feel free to send me one:

PO Box 1012
Tallahassee, FL 32302

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Yes, that is in fact a hot dog wrapped in bacon covered in Mac n Cheese. #TheSouth #Murica

Yes, that is in fact a hot dog wrapped in bacon covered in Mac n Cheese. #TheSouth #Murica

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